Two Bedroom Apartments

Two Bedroom Apartments in Orleans

Two bedroom apartments are probably the most desirable of all apartment designs in Orléans, Ontario, most obviously because of the additional square footage but also for the flexibility it affords all manner of apartment lifestyles.

Our apartments appeal to people in a variety of life stages from newlywed couples starting their lives together, the single adult looking for extra space or a home office, roommates or people downsizing from a house.
Despite their popularity, perfect two bedroom apartments are not always easy to find, especially in Orléans, Ontario.

You’ll find the two bedroom apartments at 150 Whispering Winds Way, in a manicured community with sophisticated and modern apartment designs, offer a timeless simplicity that works well for couples and individuals. These modern two bedroom apartments also emphasize open, flexible spaces, allowing you to tailor the apartment’s functionality. Modern materials are used extensively throughout the apartment. These apartments are perfect for those who want to make a clean break from the past and embrace a pure modern style.

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Type A

Two Bedroom Apartment with Two Bathrooms
796 Square Feet



Two Bedroom Apartments in orleans


Type F

Two Bedroom Apartment with One and One Half Bathrooms
858 Square Feet



Two Bedroom Apartments in Orleans

Apartment StyleRental Rate
One bedroom Apartment with One Bathroom E
641 Square Feet
Waiting List for September
One Bedroom Apartment with One Bathroom D
690 Square Feet
Waiting List for September
Two Bedroom Apartment with Two Bathrooms A
796 Square Feet
From $1,857
One Bedroom Apartment with Den and One and a Half Bathrooms F
858 Square Feet
From $1,907

Two Bedroom Apartments

Pet Friendly Apartments in Orléans, Canada

We know that keeping pets happy keeps their owners happy, too! That’s why we offer a lifestyle that pet owners love. We believe in a clean, safe environment for all pets and that means respectful scooping of waste.

There is no weight limit or breed restrictions.

We welcome you and your pet to 150 Whispering Winds Way Pet Friendly Apartments in Orléans.